Metal work can be fun and fanciful

The days are getting shorter, the stars in the autumn sky are bright, and the kids are asking how many days until Halloween.

At our house, that means it’s time for Dirk to bring out one of his most fanciful creations:
A giant metal spider that we hang on our barn and spotlight for a unique and surprising neighborhood decoration!

The spider first made it’s appearance in fall 2010.  It’s about three feet across and is raised and lowered on a pulley.

Last year Dirk got even more creative; he painted black widow markings and perfected the spotlight system (which is on a timer).










Pretty spooky, huh?

Who knew metal work could be so fun?  Here are a few other examples of whimsical pieces we’ve created at Blue Mountain Metalworks over the past few years.

Steel fish.









5 foot diameter sun wall sculpture .








Moons of all sizes and shapes.








Backlit sun (the shop at night).








And last, but not least, Godzilla riding one of Blue Mountain Metalwork’s trademark mini bike sculptures.








Hope you enjoy!