How do we make it shiny?

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Blue Mountain Metalworks is our ability create metalwork in both contemporary and traditional styles.  Below are two examples of railings built with a clean ultra-modern look.  But how did we make them so shiny???


      Both of these rails are built from steel and have been finished with a “super-chrome” powder coat.  Powder coating is a technique used to paint metal surfaces of all sorts (including bicycle and automotive parts) that results in a highly durable, refined, and consistent finish.  Powder coating can be used to create an incredible variety of finishes (i.e. matte, high gloss, “rust” effect) and comes in a vast array of colors.  As an added bonus, powder coating is an environmentally sound process, emitting little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other hazardous materials.  In addition, excess powder can be collected and reused, so there is very little waste involved.   Overall, it is a much cleaner process than the industrial use of liquid paints. 

Although these railings look like stainless steel, it would be very difficult build them out of actual stainless steel because the material would be scratched and marred during the fabrication process and would require a highly labor-intensive polishing effort to re-create the flawless shiny surface.  Instead, we have achieved the look by powder coating.   This is just one of many finishing techniques we use to create the ideal look and functionality for a project. 

More about other finishing techniques coming your way in a future blog post.  Please let us know if you have questions!