Two unique projects highlight BMMW diversity

Over the past several months, Blue Mountain Metalworks has been commissioned to create two unusual pieces of metalwork. Both projects resulted in highly functional, artistic items, located in two very different settings.

In early 2012, Blue Mountain Metalworks owner Dirk Brown was approached by fellow artisans Roger and Kristin Brodt of Miters Touch Woodworking about creating ornamental metal fixtures for Boone, North Carolina’s first Jewish temple, Temple of the High Country. The assignment was to design and create door handles that would complement and extend the “Tree of Life” theme embodied in the temple’s sanctuary. This involved collaborating with the project’s architect, members of the Board of Directors, and Miters Touch, who were constructing the woodwork. To ensure that the handles reflected the vision of the temple’s creators, Dirk made several samples and provided examples of different materials and finishes. The final result, made of forged and textured steel finished with a brass-toned paint, was unveiled during a dedication ceremony held on June 22, 2012 and attended by approximately 350 people. Blue Mountain Metalworks is honored to have contributed to this project, which will serve the community far into the future.

Tree of Life sanctuary door handles

The second unusual project resulted from a group of middle schoolers’ enthusiasm for biking and alternative transportation. In spring 2012, Dirk was contacted about designing a custom bike rack for Hardin Park School in Boone. Funds to build the rack had been secured through a Department of Health wellness grant. The kids inolved in the project had already met with the Boone Town Council to discuss their transportation needs and ideas. A new bike rack, which would serve as a showpiece for their initiative, was envisioned as a tangible symbol of their efforts. This could not be just any bike rack! It needed to fit the school campus and include elements that would be representative of Hardin Park School. Of course, as cyclists, we were excited to be involved in this project. Dirk worked with the kids, parents, and school officials to create a suitable design that was endorsed by all. The end product holds ten bikes and features a custom-made, hand-painted eagle (Hardin Park’s mascot) with a wing span of over 8 feet. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastically the bike rack, which was installed in early September, was welcomed by the whole community and to hear that it was immediately put to use and filled to capacity by elementary and middle school bike commuters.

New bike rack — first day in use

These two projects, which, in many ways, couldn’t be more different, illustrate the strengths of our business and what makes us love our work so much: successful collaborations, creative visioning, and the creation of unique, functional metalwork that will be used and appreciated for years to come.

As we suggest in our company tagline, “Imagine the possibilities…”