Ornamental Metalwork for Everyone

Design Services

Whether working from a photograph, a sketch, a description, or merely an idea, the artisans at Blue Mountain Metalworks are skilled in developing a product that meets the needs – and embodies the vision – of our clients. We will work with you to develop and refine your ideas and will generate sketches and diagrams. We will also provide information and suggestions regarding the type of material, the texturing, and the finishes that may be utilized. In some cases involving large and complex projects (particularly railings), we will build a sample piece as a step to finalizing the design. We strive to be flexible and creative in modifying designs to fit your budget without compromising the essential nature of the piece you are seeking to create.

Forging & Fabrication

We are skilled and experienced in a variety of techniques, including welding, forging, hand-hammering, air hammering, and use of hand tools and forms to create patterns and texturing. We also utilize a variety of finishing techniques and types of paints. We paint many of our products by hand in our shop, but we also provide powder coating through reliable outside sources. Finally, we have extensive experience installing railings and other fixtures on a wide range of surfaces and in challenging locations.


Restoration, Repair & Refinishing

We are often able to restore, refinish or repair valued items, including family heirlooms, and make them attractive and usable again. Items we’ve worked on include lamps, chandeliers, sculpture, and furniture. We will also replicate designs, when requested, to match or recreate a treasured item.