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The days are getting shorter, the stars in the autumn sky are bright, and the kids are asking how many days until Halloween. At our house, that means it’s time for Dirk to bring out one of his most fanciful creations: A giant metal spider that we hang on our barn and spotlight for a unique […]

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Blue Mountain Metalworks is our ability create metalwork in both contemporary and traditional styles.  Below are two examples of railings built with a clean ultra-modern look.  But how did we make them so shiny???                                                                                            Both of these rails are built from steel and have been finished with a “super-chrome” […]

If you like what you see here on the Blue Mountain Metalworks website, please become a fan (aka “like” us) on Facebook.  You’ll see more photographs of our work and hear the latest news about fresh products and ideas.   We love getting feedback, suggestions, and ideas from an array of people who are interested in what we […]

Is it rod iron? Is it rot iron? Or is it wrought iron? By Todd Daniel One of the most confusing terms in the ornamental metals business is the phrase “wrought iron.” However, the confusion is understandable since even dictionaries cannot agree on a single definition The first thing to clear up is the spelling. […]

With spring just a few weeks away, the Blue Mountain Metalworks team has been inspired to transform the office and showroom into a brighter, more comfortable, and more visually interesting space for working and meeting with clients.  Cleaning up the front room and creating new display areas will also allow us to take advantage of increased walk-in […]